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Desert AED is a leading supplier of Philips, ZOLL Medical, Defibtech, HeartSine and Cardiac Science AEDs and AED accessories from Modern Metal, Bug Out Bagz and many others.  We proudly serve Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Utah and Texas by offering superior AED products, services and training, so you can act with courage and conviction when you need to save a life.  Desert AED was originally awarded the State Contract for AED products and accessories from the State of Arizona in the year 2000 and again in 2012 through 2017.  

-   Quality AED products from the LEADING manufacturers  

-   The LOWEST PRICES on the market

-   WORRY FREE PROGRAM with every AED purchase

-   Sales team of EXPERIENCED personnel

-   FREE Site Assessment for customers who purchase TWO (2) or more AEDs

Don't see an AED brand you would like, call us and we will find it for you.  If we can't get it for you at the lowest price, we will tell you who can.

But know that price is only a small part.  Desert AED is the choice of  the State of Arizona 8 years in a row and over a 200 school districts, 100's of Government Agencies and 1,000's of businesses because we provide a service that is unparalleled in our industry.  Our team members make sure your AEDs, no matter who you bought them are ready to work and save a life when that time comes.

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Call us at (888) 804-6226, or send an email to info@desertaed.com